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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  January 12, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> hello and welcome to "journal" coming to you live. u.s. president obama and afghan president karzai have agreed to speed up the handover of combat operations to afghan forces. and handball champion shifts in spain. gearing up for the first match. captioned by the national captioning institute >> france says it will not
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stand by and watch as islamic rebels gained ground in mali. it will protect democracy and freedom there. mali's government has welcomed the french intervention. the west african blocked country has announced it is sending troops to help fight the rebels. >> patrons at a bar tunes in to what the president's speech. a state of emergency was declared. >> every malian must consider themselves a soldier of the nation and they must act like one. >> the guests welcome to the news that france is providing help to fight the rebels. >> yesterday, we felt anxious.
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when we learned the french military was coming, we were reassured. what matters is the total liberation ismali. >> the country's armed forces had seized control of the central town of kona. the islamist insurgents have faced little resistance until now. they have managed to take control of 2/3 of the country. it is here that this is just the beginning. >> we must stop the advance of the terrorists. otherwise, all of mali will fall into their hands. >> malians hope the army can liberate the north and restore peace. >> rebels in serious say they
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have seized a key air base from government forces. foot dish shows the aftermath of the battle for the -- footage shows the aftermath of the battle for the air base. they fault for -- fought for months to take the base. a quick solution was not on the horizon after a recent meeting. in pakistan, hunter is of shiite -- hundreds of shiite muslims have met asking to boost security against a terrorist threat. extremist sunny group has x -- claimed -- sunni group has
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claimed responsibility for a bombing. karzai and obama met on friday. troops will move into a support role in the next few months. >> u.s. troops are still in charge of security in many parts of afghanistan. president obama said they are handing over authority to afghan forces in stages. he also said the process would be accelerated and soon u.s. troops would be stepping back from their active roles. >> let me say it as plainly as i can. starting this spring, our troops will have a different mission -- training, advising, assisting
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afghan forces. it will be an historic moment. >> the u.s. and its nato allies plan to pull all troops out of afghanistan by 2014. the two countries must reach an agreement for immunity for u.s. troops. karzai said that was a delicate question. >> the issue of immunity of -- is of specific importance to the united states. i can go to the afghan people and argue for immunity for u.s. troops in afghanistan. >> obama and karzai said they agreed that talks had to start with the taliban. insurgents must first renounce terrorism. >> voters in the czech republic
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are going to polls in the second day of balloting in the country 's first direct election. the president is set -- is stepping aside after one day in office. a more colorful candidate, a composer, has gained surprising popularity among the nation's young voters. no one candidate will gain an outright majority. there will be a runoff in the two weeks' time. angela merkel says unions have played an important role in overcoming the financial crisis by keeping the jobless rate low. she made the comments while attending the german trade association conference. she had criticism for the association. it is pushing for higher pay and a minimum wage. that proposal has not been
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popular with german employers. >> his company in berlin and makes machine housing. he employs about 150 people. he rejects the german labor federation's demand for a minimum wage. he says the government should not be involved in determining what labor costs. >> we need to preserve the cost of the labor market for employers and employees. employers three industry associations. it has worked well for decades. >> the unions counter that the wages paid in some sectors are not enough to live on. they want a minimum wage. >> that would help many people improve their situation and improve the political situation across germany. it is no panacea. it is the minimum that people
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can get by on. >> the labor federation is concerned about europe's debt crisis. it is calling for too much as 50 million euros in investment paid for by a tax on the wealthy. >> it would be an affordable contribution that would greatly help the people of europe. >> the unions know that the left of central liberal democrats support the plan. other parties will be hard to convince. >> in a moment, we will look back at the shipwreck a year ago. first, a look at headlines across the world. the berlin mayor has survived and a -- a vote of no- confidence. he has agreed to step down as head of the supervisory board.
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the greek parliament has approved tax hikes led to bring in an extra 2.5 billion year rose in the next 8 years. there is a new -- 2.5 billion euros in the next two years. clashes in the northern ireland capital of belfast continue. rocks and bombs were thrown at police who responded with water canyons -- water cannons. the process were against limiting the days been british flag flies outside city hall. there were more than 4000 people on board the costa cord
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ia when it crashed one year ago. many people are still coping with the trauma of what happened, especially with the wreckage serving as a painful reminder. >> one year from the disaster, the wreckage is still resting in the waters. on january 13, 2012, the cruise liner hit rocks after sailing too close to shore. it was a fatal mistake that the ship's crew told passengers to remain calm. as the ship listed more and more to one side, the 42 men to people started leaving their cabins to reach the would-4200 people started leaving their cabins -- 4200 people started
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leaving their cabins to reach lifeboats. >> the rescue boats were full. >> it took an hour after the collision for the first passengers to be brought to safety. not everyone were so lucky -- was so lucky. 32 people lost their lives, including 12th germans. the captain was cues of abandoned the ship before the evacuation was complete. -- the captain was accused of abandoning the ship before the evacuation was complete. he faces several charges, including manslaughter. 12 months later, his style has not begun. the investigation is still underway. hundreds of specialists are trying to salvage the vessel.
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removing it is expected to take several months. >> the seventh stage of the dakar rally was overshadowed by the death of a french motorcyclists. it is the seventh death of a member. >> he was on his way to the seventh stage when he collided with a chilean. it is the third rally debt in three days. -- death in three days. the race continue. d. peter has a 3 minute 14 second lead over his closest rival. a u.s. driver had
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the best time of the day. -- men's ands man bought championships continue. gemini has modest expectations and a young team -- germany has modest expectations and a young team. >> he is represented germany at the world championships. >> i am really excited. to just focus on the game is something teens learn to do. >> 7 players are making their championship debut this year. the coach hopes the young talent will energize the team. their inexperience poses risks and they are missing some key players.
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the top hand bollard is missing. he is taking time off-- top handballer is missing. he is taking time off. >> i focus on the player i do have. >> among them, a few veterans. all three were on the championship team in 2007. the coach is looking for the experienced players to lead in the match against brazil and tougher competitors in the preliminaries. >> few people expect much from us. we expect a lot from ourselves. we have a real chance at the semifinals. >> germany is counting on young players to bring their a game at the championship level. >> that is all on "the journal"
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for now. stay with dw for more information. >> i've come to a monastery in southern germany. i am looking to take time out. it is something more and more people are looking to do. even at the reception desk, i am greeted not by a mob, but by a nun. -- by a monk, but by a nun.
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i asked her what i should do with my time at the monastery. >> i recommend you just go with it. maybe you will have a real sense of peace. if you find yourself thinking about your life and because there is time, things start to come to the surface. allow that to happen. >> i was baptized into the lutheran church as a baby. i will not call myself religious. churchgoers in germany are not .ecessarily all believers ca i cannot relax at the push of a button. i have to find out where i am. i make my son -- my way to the monastery firm house. the-farm -- farmhouse.
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i had a more romantic idea of a monastery farm. even the monk does not fit the cliche i had in my mind. i cannot get excited about the electronic control system for grain purification. i would like to see cure little piglets instead. the father offers to show me the page. -- the pigs. this is an all organic firm bank. the pigs have a lot more space -- this is an all organic farm. he thinks have a lot more space than on a conventional farm. according to the father, if his
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animals are happy, he is happy, too. i get the feeling i am keeping him from his work. he asks me if there is anything else i want to know. i tell him i want to chat a little bit more. he laughs. monkught the life of a would be more calm and contemplative. he says you have to draw your strength from elsewhere to cope with the strains of everyday life. it is important to find your rest in god. the father has to attend a meeting at the monastery. he takes me back with him in the car. he has managed to get changed quickly. does he feel any different when he is wearing his have that? -- his habit?
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he says, no, he is just more careful. he chops me at the monastery bookshop. -- he drops me at the monastery bookshop. the father is a little stressed with the computer right now. i will wait until he is finished. oh dear. i waited too long. now he has to rush off. i tell him it is no problem. perhaps it is a problem. i am having a hard time relaxing. i do not like being alone. i need someone to talk to. in the library, i find the head of the monastery. he is working. i asked him why everyone is so busy. >> everyone should do some work.
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not just anything, but something useful. we do not live off of income from church tax. we live from the work of our hands. the things you work for are a part of you. you can only really access life when you face up to the necessities of work in everyday life. i have come here to get to the necessities of everyday work and life. >> if everyone else is working, i want to do something, too. prey can work. that is the fundamental principle of the benedictine way of life. guests are able to help out in the garden. i mean that the million. he is studying math and physics at the university. -- i meet maximillion.
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he feels rested. this principle has started to influence my thinking. the regular rhythm of work and prayer provides a structure for the monks' daily life. now it is time to stop. the bells called the monkhood -- monks to prayers. on the way there, i meet someone. it is a lucky thing. i never find my way through all of these hallways and doors. guests are welcome to attend.
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finally, i feel like i am participating in a monastery life. for the first time i even feel something spiritual and field inwardly moved. in the home next door, there is a different kind of spiritual experience on offer. these people are not just getting themselves into weird positions. they have not eaten for the whole time. they have rented the hall to spend time fasting and doing yoga. fasting is a regular part of christianity. but the course leader tells me this is not just about religion. >> i think it should not matter what the i am a christian or a
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yogi or and atheists. i believe everyone can fast. i do not actually know which of my group members are christians and which are not. it makes no difference. >> she is happy for me to join in with the yoga. for chilly, i do not have too fast. i wonder -- fortunately, i do not have too fast. i find this more accessible than the world of the monks. i find a way to become in calm. the night ends at 4:30 a.m. the day begins at a service -- with a service at the monastery church. it is good to be out early and listen to the birds without having to rush to work. a number of people come to the village to attend the service. i am of mason, to an early --
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such an early hour. i am on based -- i am amazed they come as such an early hour. until now, i have only ever been to a protestant service. the pomp and circumstance here is certainly impressive. i find the ceremonial nature of the catholic service a little alienating. after the service, the faithful remain seated and began to pray. i do not know whether to go or stay. i feel out of place and decided to sneak out quietly. outside, i need to deal with you again. they are heading out to the forest for early morning
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meditation. they are happy for me to join them. the instructor leads the group. i take the power of the wind inside me, she says. the power of the water, the power of the animals, and the love of the people. i take it all in. after such a good start, i am sure i am going to have a good day. i am amazed at how little it takes to make normal working adults happy. two or three days out here are better than the two weeks at the beach, one of the participants tell me. i am curious to know what to the
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abbot thinks of the wellness philosophy. i have a proper appointment with him. >> there are certainly people who do not immediately relayed to the church aspect of spirituality. of course, it is always in the background. people who listen to their conscience and live according to their conscience will eventually discover god. also, through wellness spirituality, perhaps even i will discover god at some stage. the abbot says it is not surprising three days were not long enough for that. if you really want to experience something like that, you have to experience it longer and may be a kravis will open in the wall.
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i found -- crevice will open in the wall. in the wall.
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